netket.experimental.operator.fermion.destroy(hilbert, site, sz=None, dtype=None)[source]#

Builds the fermion destruction operator \(\hat{a}\) acting on the site-th of the Hilbert space hilbert.

  • hilbert (AbstractHilbert) – The hilbert space.

  • site (int) – the site on which this operator acts.

  • sz (Optional[int]) – spin projection quantum number. This is the eigenvalue of the corresponding spin-Z Pauli operator (e.g. sz = ±1 for a spin-1/2, sz ∈ [-2, -1, 1, 2] for a spin-3/2 and in general sz ∈ [-2S, -2S + 2, … 2S-2, 2S] for a spin-S )

  • dtype (Any) – The datatype to use for the matrix elements.


The resulting FermionOperator2nd