class netket.graph.BCC#


Constructs a BCC lattice of a given spatial extent. Periodic boundary conditions can also be imposed Sites are returned at the Bravais lattice points.

  • extent (Sequence[int]) – Number of primitive unit cells along each direction, needs to be an array of length 3

  • pbc (Union[bool, Sequence[bool]]) – If True, the lattice will have periodic boundary conditions (PBC); if False, the lattice will have open boundary conditions (OBC). This parameter can also be a list of booleans with same length as the parameter length, in which case each dimension will have PBC/OBC depending on the corresponding entry of pbc.

  • kwargs – Additional keyword arguments are passed on to the constructor of netket.graph.Lattice.

Return type:



Construct a BCC lattice with 3×3×3 primitive unit cells:

>>> from netket.graph import BCC
>>> g = BCC(extent=[3,3,3])
>>> print(g.n_nodes)