class netket.experimental.models.Slater2nd[source]#

Bases: Module

A slater determinant ansatz for second-quantised spinless or spin-full fermions.

The log-determinants of every spin sub-sector are summed together.

The total number of parameters of this ansatz is \(n_{\mathrm{o}} \times n_{\mathrm{f}}\), where \(n_{\mathrm{o}}\) is the number of orbitals and \(n_{\mathrm{f}}\) is the total number of fermions in the system.

restricted: bool = True#

Flag to select the restricted- or unrestricted- Hartree Fock orbtals (Defaults to restricted).

If restricted, only one set of orbitals are parametrised, and they are used for all spin subsectors. If unrestricted, a different set of orbitals are parametrised and used for each spin subsector.

hilbert: SpinOrbitalFermions#

The Hilbert space upon which this ansatz is defined. Used to determine the number of orbitals and spin subspectors.

kernel_init: Callable[[Any, Sequence[int], Any], Union[ndarray, Array]]#

Initializer for the orbital parameters.


Assumes inputs are strings of 0,1 that specify which orbitals are occupied. Spin sectors are assumed to follow the SpinOrbitalFermion’s factorisation, meaning that the first n_orbitals entries correspond to sector -1, the second n_orbitals correspond to 0 … etc.